Digital Growth Plan

Learn where to focus and how to prioritize.

Some call it an audit; others an assessment. Either way, you get a lot of information focused on driving growth.

Your Business

  • Team interviews / workshop
  • Competitive review
  • Identification of outside threats

Your Brand

  • Visual consistency audit
  • Messaging review
  • On-site funnel analysis
  • Cross-channel consistency evaluation

The Data

  • In-depth review of web analytics
  • Implementation and review of heatmaps
  • On-site funnel analysis
  • SEO, Performance, and Accessibility

The Customer

  • Screen recording review
  • Customer interviews
  • Customer surveys
  • Search trend analysis
  • Persona development
Digital Growth Plan Balance
Example of Website Audit and Growth Plan Page

The Output

You receive a detailed breakdown of key insights and opportunities for improvement across your site and the world of "digital." It has both "quick-hits" and larger recommendations to grow into over time.

They'll be organized and prioritized so that your team or partner has a clear place to start and then knows where to go.

Don't have a team to make updates or take on a project? We can help you get the right people in place.